RF Ambassador in Armenia Visits GeoProMining Plant

Posted on Aug 16, 2013 in Company news, News and Press releases

RF Ambassador in Armenia Visits GeoProMining Plant

16 August 2013, Yerevan


GeoProMining, a diversified international mining group (GPM or the Company), is pleased to announce that Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Armenia Ivan Volynkin has visited one of GPM’s Armenian assets – the Ararat gold extraction plant. During the tour around the facility Mr Volynkin visited the production site and met the management of GPM Gold to discuss the current state of affairs and prospects of the company’s development in Armenia.

Mr Volynkin was appointed Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Armenia in May 2013 and this is his first visit to the production sites of GeoProMining, which is a major Russian investor to Armenia. The Ararat gold extraction plant is currently undergoing a large-scale modernization, which includes the construction of a new ore processing line using innovative Albion technology. This project when completed will increase the plant’s production volumes and efficiency several times.

“It has been very interesting to get to know GPM’s activities in Armenia. I am pleased with both business and social aspects of its performance in the country. Its transparency, reliability, competitiveness and, definitely, its great personnel are the key indicators of the company’s great prospects in Armenia. I am confident that as an advanced business that is making its considerable contribution to a wide range of the Russian-Armenian relations GPM will be developing further in the interests of friendship and for the benefit of our nations. It will be my pleasure to keep in contact with the management and the employees of the company,” said the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Armenia.

“We are always pleased to welcome honourable guests at our plant. For many years GPM has been maintaining close working ties with the Russian diplomatic mission in Armenia. We have been conducting joint social projects and participating in promoting the Russian language in Armenia. GPM is grateful for the granted support and as a good-faith investor we are happy to contribute to strengthening the relationships between Russia and Armenia,” said Vladimir Kozlov, CEO of GPM Gold, one of GPM’s assets in Armenia.

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