GeoProMining implements social projects in Yakutia in municipal-private partnerships

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 in Company news, News and Press releases

GeoProMining implements social projects in Yakutia in municipal-private partnerships

22 October 2012, Moscow


Yakutia-based companies of GeoProMining, a diversified international mining group, Sarylakh-Surma and Zvezda have established municipal-private partnerships with the Oymyakon ulus and the Verkhoyansk region of Sakha Republic (Yakutia) to pursue its social responsibility programme.

This format of social activities is recommended by the Yakutian Government and helps to address the needs of local communities timely as well as contribute effectively to the social and economic development of the region. The company together with the local authorities have identified two key projects for Sarylakh-Surma and Zvezda to support in 2012. The companies are facilitating the reconstruction of a residential building in the town of Ust-Nera and the construction of a sports centre in the Bala settlement of the Arylakh Nasleg as part of My Yakutia in the XXI Century initiative. In 2011 Zvezda contributed to setting up a paleontological museum in the Betenkes settlement.

“We are confident that this format of social partnership is the most effective one taking into account the specifics of the region. Development of social infrastructure and support of culture and sports are priorities of our Resources for Good corporate social responsibility programme. We implement this programme in all regions of our presence and are open to various formats,” said GPM President Roman Khudoliy.

The company combines major projects with its regular support of the Ust-Nera Orphanage and the Khomenko School in Ust-Nera.

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