GeoProMining completes first stage of upgrading Magadan division of Sarylakh-Surma

Posted on Oct 3, 2012 in Company news, News and Press releases

GeoProMining completes first stage of upgrading Magadan division of Sarylakh-Surma

3 October 2012, Moscow


GeoProMining, a diversified international mining group (GPM or the Company), is completing the first stage of reconstructing the Magadan division of Sarylakh-Surma, a key element in the company’s export logistics. When fully upgraded this new advanced cargo processing complex will enable the company to implement its strategic programme aimed at increasing production volumes in the region.

The Magadan division is a specially equipped site for processing cargos transported through the port of Magadan, including transhipment and control of quantity and quality of antimony concentrate exported in big bags.

The first stage of the reconstruction and technical upgrade of the cargo processing site included installation of a 2200 m2 modular warehouse produced by Future Steel Buildings (Canada), restoration of the office and amenities buildings, expansion of the warehouse equipment with Komatsu forklift loaders, auxiliary machines, and placement into operation of a 35-tonne crane.

Upgrade of the Magadan logistics site will help the company to increase operational efficiency and flexibility of Sarylakh-Surma, preserve marketable characteristics of its product, improve working conditions for the personnel and secure regular and uninterruptable dispatching of concentrate to clients regardless of weather conditions.

The company plans to continue reconstruction of the Magadan division of Sarylakh-Surma throughout the next year.

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